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Products > Crystal Sea® Bioassay Laboratory Formula

  1. Maintains all forms of marinelife
  2. Duplicates natural seawater
  3. Dry, crystalline blend
  4. Dissolves and clears immediately
  5. Adjusts ph to 8.3
  6. Does not contain phosphates, nitrates, silicates or E.D.T.A
  7. Convenient re-sealable poly bag inside sturdy carton
  8. Does not contain sodium thiosulfate (de-chlorinator)

Wherever there is a need to duplicate natural seawater … Crystal Sea® is essential. Scientifically formulated to contain the major, minor and trace elements to support any form of marine life. Ideally suited for use in public aquaria, aquaculture, university research, environmental study, ornamental fish and reef aquaria. Over four decades of success internationally!

One salt does it all!
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