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Marine Enterprises International Announces High Volume Packaging Configuration for Commercial, Aquaculture and Aquarium Use

Baltimore, MD – September 18, 2012 - Marine Enterprises International, manufacturer of Crystal Sea® Marinemix and Crystal Sea® Bioassay Laboratory Formula Marinemix, has announced the availability of its products in Bulk Bags for large scale, aquatic facilities. “We are pleased to offer our high volume customers a packaging format that will reduce both labor and waste, while improving efficiency of the mixing process. Our bulk bags are easy to handle and efficient to discharge, making them ideal for large aquariums and commercial applications,” said Ned Insley, president of the company. Crystal Sea®, the marine salt of choice by aquatic professionals internationally since 1968, is made in the USA and manufactured under the strictest quality control procedures. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has referenced Crystal Sea® since 1988 as a replacement for natural seawater for bioassay testing. Multiple independent test results have confirmed superior survival of marine life in Crystal Sea®. Bio-security is assured by the use of Crystal Sea®, as opposed to the potential introduction of disease organisms from natural seawater. Crystal Sea® is also perfectly suited for shrimp mariculture, aquaculture, live marine holding systems and bioassay research. Complete assay and references available.

For further details, please visit or contact:                                                                                                   Crystal Sea® Bulk Bag

Mr. Robert Spellman
Sales Manager
Marine Enterprises International
8800-A Kelso Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21221-3125 USA
phone: 800-200-SALT (7258) USA & Canada




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