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23 April 2004

I was first introduced to Crystal Sea Salt during my biology studies at the University of Kentucky. Our bioassay experiment protocols specifically required Crystal Sea Salt. The professor explained to me that it was the best synthetic salt and the only salt he knew of that was EPA and FDA approved. We both appreciated the consistency in the quality of the product. For one it dissolved almost instantly and the chemical properties of the mix were always exactly the same, which greatly facilitated the repetitive nature of our experiments. Being an avid fish hobbyist since age of nine I had to research the company and find out what made their salt mix so good. After reading about their computer blending techniques and seeing their very impressive list of professional supporters I had to try it in my own systems. At the time I was keeping a few marine systems and being a poor college student I greatly appreciated the quality of the salt mix at a very reasonable price. After only three months use, I noticed an over all increase in the health and vigor of my fish. The only change in my routine was the switch to the new salt. From this point on I was sold on Crystal Sea Salt.

I have personally used and sold only Crystal Sea Salt since 1993. I have, out of curiosity, tried other salts on the market and compared it to the like systems running with Crystal Sea. I have always been pleased with the quality and performance of Crystal Sea Salt and generally greatly disappointed with all others. Currently I am running several hundred gallons of salt holdings containing a wide range of fish and invertebrates. All of which thrive with the use of Crystal Sea Salt. I am in the process of establishing my own propagation systems to harvest coral starts for all of my reef clients. The coral fragments are growing beyond my expectations. Much of my success with marine livestock is based on Marine Enterprise International’s (MEI) dedication to the production of such a wonderful product. It truly is a marine salt that does it all. Many thanks to all of MEISALT staff for the perfect salt!

Anthony H. Roberts
Biologist and Owner
Just Fish, LLC
223 Rosemont Garden
Lexington, Kentucky 40503

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