Testimonial 3, Brian Mitchell
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From Brian Mitchell, Vice President of Marvesta Shrimp Farms

“For years we’ve been making our own artificial sea water from recipe for our RAS Zero Exchange Shrimp Farm. This involved a heavy dose of labor, frequent outside lab testing, logistics with various chemical manufacturers and a variance in final product.

We decided to run trials with Crystal Sea® Marinemix from Marine Enterprises in January of 2012. We found the product to be superior to our artificial seawater. It involved much less labor to make, reduced time spent on logistics of delivery, produced a much better ionic balance, reduced the cost and need for outside lab testing and increased survival. We now use Crystal Sea® in all of our growout raceways as well as our nurseries.

We’re very pleased with the product and would recommend it for any aquaculture operation where seawater is a prerequisite.”

CONTACT: Brian Mitchell  bmitch027@msn.com  443-515-2440

September 18, 2012

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