FAQs - What’s in a Marinemix?
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Q: What’s in a Marinemix?

Q: All salts are the same, aren’t they?

Q: Do salts with higher calcium levels dissolve more slowly than salts with inadequate levels?

Q: Why do some brands of salts dissolve unnaturally fast?

Q: What is the difference between Crystal Sea® Marinemix and Crystal Sea® Bioassay Laboratory Formula?

Q: What do I need to know about mixing up fresh saltwater?

Q: What’s in a Marinemix?

A Marinemix (synthetic sea salt) is much more than salt. Marinemix is a finely blended product containing all essential major, minor and trace elements necessary to support marine fish, corals, and other invertebrates. Salt (sodium chloride) is one of the major elements in marinemix but only includes 2 of over 70 total elements found in Crystal Sea®. At MEI we utilize stringent quality control guidelines using a superior computer controlled blending system. This insures exact mixing of anhydrous ingredients throughout each batch. The crystalline ingredients used in Crystal Sea® are highly soluble, dissolving immediately, and clearing completely within minutes.
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