FAQs - All salts are the same, aren’t they?
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Q: What’s in a Marinemix?

Q: All salts are the same, aren’t they?

Q: Do salts with higher calcium levels dissolve more slowly than salts with inadequate levels?

Q: Why do some brands of salts dissolve unnaturally fast?

Q: What is the difference between Crystal Sea® Marinemix and Crystal Sea® Bioassay Laboratory Formula?

Q: What do I need to know about mixing up fresh saltwater?

Q: All salts are the same, aren’t they?

No. Some salts are simply the byproduct of desalinization facilities which create fresh water from salt water. The purpose of desalinization is to provide fresh water to a community by removing the salt from ocean water. Some companies market this waste material as marine salt. This method is rife with problems because many of the pollutants found in the oceans of the world are present in theis material. Additionally, the bulldozers used to obtain this waste material connot possibly substitute for precision blending equipment. Other marine salts are simply blended in cement mixers using the bare minimum of ingredietns. A poor mixing quality is the result because of the equipment and its inability to blend the fine particles in synthetic sea salt. There are but a few companies in the world that have the experience and the knowledge to produce a truly high quality marine salt.

MEI has been manufacturing Crystal Sea™ Marinemix for 30 years. We have formulated and re-formulated our product many times over the years; always making improvements and keeping current with the latest marine research. As the correct methods of keeping captive marine animals have evolved over the last 3 decades so has Crystal Sea™. Crystal Sea™ is more than a duplication of natural sea water, it is an improvement on it. MEI commits to the evolution and the knowledge achieved in all fields of marine research and will continue to commit to the inclusion of this knowledge in all its products.
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