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Q: What's in a Marinemix?

Q: All salts are the same, aren't they?

Q: Do salts with higher calcium levels dissolve more slowly than salts with inadequate levels?

Q: Why do some brands of salts dissolve unnaturally fast?

Q: What is the difference between Crystal Sea® Marinemix and Crystal Sea® Bioassay Laboratory Formula?

Q: What do I need to know about mixing up fresh saltwater?

Q: What is the difference between Crystal Sea Marinemix and Crystal Bioassay Laboratory Formula?

Crystal Sea® Marinemix is ideal for use with municipal tapwater containing chlorine/chloramies since it contains sodium thiosulfate (de-chlorinator). Crystal Sea® Marinemix is one of the few salts available that has the blending capability to eliminate potentially harmful chlorine/chloramines. Crystal Sea® Bioassay Laboratory Formula does not contain sodium thiosulfate (de-chlorinator). This formula is ideally suited for laboratory research and reef systems which pre-process water with R/O (reverse osmosis) and D/I (de-ionization). Other than the inclusion or exclusion of sodium thiosulfate, both products are the finest quality marinemixes available on the market.
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