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Since 1968

Our proprietary artificial seawater mix, Crystal Sea® Marinemix has been manufactured in Maryland since 1968. In our early years, Crystal Sea was used regionally, but as word spread, and demand grew, Marine Enterprises International expanded operations to accommodate an ever increasing domestic as well as international demand for our product.
We service the commercial aquatics industry and sophisticated aquarists worldwide – including public aquariums, aquaculture and research facilities, commercial seafood holding systems, tropical fish wholesalers, zoos and professional service providers.
Today, we produce millions of pounds of Crystal Sea® Marinemix annually, and supply hundreds of customers, here in the United States, as well as overseas.
We take great pride in our commitment and dedication to excellence. Our customers receive exceptional customer service and a reliable, consistent product at an affordable price.
For over 50 years, Crystal Sea® has enjoyed a proven track record of success and safety. Our Marinemix does not contain any chelators, artificial clarifiers or drying agents that could harm marine life or negatively impact sophisticated life support systems.

Our Crystal Sea® products continue to withstand the test of time, and allow ALL species of marine life to thrive.

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