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Crystal Sea® In Use

Bulk Bags

Our Bulk Bags are used for high volume systems where rapid dispensing and minimal packaging waste are beneficial. Interior, durable plastic liners help prevent moisture incursion prior to use.
*Always follow manufacturer’s safety/handling guidelines attached to each bag.

Recommended Dispensing Method

While the bulk bag is safely suspended via a forklift or hoist, the bottom spout is released, allowing Crystal Sea® Marinemix to flow freely into a mixing vat.

Alternate Dispensing Method 1

This facility chooses to cut a hole in the side of the bulk bags. As the Crystal Sea® empties into their mixing vat, water is added directly into the bulk bag to expedite the outflow of Crystal Sea®.

Alternate Dispensing Method 2

This facility doesn’t have the headroom to suspend bulk bags. Instead, they position the bag next to a grate over their mixing vat and cut a dispensing hole in the side of the bag. Crystal Sea® slowly flows into the grate.


Our lightweight boxes are easy to lift and are extremely convenient for individual exhibits, testing vats, or small quarantine facilities. Their portability makes them simple to manage within a facility, and the plastic liner helps prevent moisture incursion while in storage. Simply open the box, cut the sealed plastic liner, and dispense Crystal Sea® into your tank to desired salinity.

Thriving in Crystal Sea®

Our customers send us photos of their beautiful marine life thriving in Crystal Sea®. Send us your pictures so others can see the amazing things that are happening in Crystal Sea® at your facility!

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